Used equipment for sale. If interested, contact Mike Borman at Prices do not include shipping, which is extra if required. Each item is described below the pictures.




Description: moon010209.jpg

Orion 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian Astrograph Telescope Optical Tube. Upgraded with motorized Moonlite Instruments focuser. Asking $1,400.00.

Have several accessories as well for this OTA that I will include in the price. The picture of the moon was taken with this scope.


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Description: Orion 100mm f/9 ED refractor, Lunt white light solar wedge, and DMK41AU02.AS camera mounted on a Celestron CGE Pro German Equatorial Mount.Description: Venus Transit in h-alpha 06/05/2012


Imaging Source DMK41AU02.AS monochrome USB planetary imaging camera. Asking $600.00.

I recently upgraded to a PGR Grasshopper camera, so I no longer need the DMK41. Venus transit image taken with this camera,

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Lumenera SKYnyx 2-1C color CCD planetary imaging camera. Asking  $500.00.

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Astrovid 2000 Monochrome Video Camera. Asking $500.00.


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Meade DSI CCD camera. Asking $50.

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