Solar images in h-alpha and CaK 1/09/2010

Solar images in h-alpha, white light, and CaK 1/09/2010

TV-102iis Refractor, Coronado 90mm h-alpha filter, whole disk with Canon XSi DSLR. sunspot close-ups with DMK 41AU02.AS and 2X barlow. CaK images taken with a Lunt LS60T CaK telescope and DMK41AU02.AS camera. Celestron CGE Pro mount.

Solar disk in h-alpha 1/09/2010

Solar disk in CaK 1/09/2010

Sunspot 1040 in h-alpha 1/09/2010

Sunspot 1040 in CaK 1/09/2010

Prominence in h-alpha 1/09/2010
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